Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bus Incident

Oh, there is this story that I want to share.
It's about these two people on a bus - let's call them X and Y.
Then, Y saw this old lady boarding the bus.
Y then asked X to give up the seat for the old lady.
X however, argued with Y on why should he give it up instead of Y.
Y then answered because X was on the outer side of the bus which makes it easier, plus, X is a guy compared to Y who is a girl.
X still refused to give up his seat because he clearly doesn't want to.
Z who was watching the whole thing for 30 seconds(finally came to the conclusion that they both won't give their seats up) couldn't take the whole drama and decided to give up her own seat to the old lady to ease both of X's and Y's the PAIN to get their ass off the seat.
Z did it swiftly and easily without bothering that she herself is a girl and is seated in the inner seat.
What made Z more angry is that X and Y got down at the next stop and can't even stand for the few minutes.
The thing is, if you don't want to give up your seat, don't ask others to do it.
It's still tolerable if you don't want to give up your seat for a more elderly person, but it totally irritates if you argue with others to give up their seat.
Make a change and the world would be a better place.....

Sunday, August 09, 2009

True Blood

This is True Blood(the synthetic blood) which is available in all blood types. XD

Yeap, this is the new series "True Blood"!!!
I don't know how new, but quite new? Lol...
I finished Season 1 last month (in only 3 days.. Woot~~~) and is looking forward to Season 2!!!
As the name suggests, it's a VAMPIRE based movie.

Leading actor(which is so gorgeous *drools*) is Bill Compton which is a vampire. Compared to vamp Edward Cullen in Twilight, I prefer Bill Comptoon without the vampire make up which makes him look pale and old. Bill is so much more sexier tanned. And I was shocked with Edward Cullen without his vampirish make up. I prefer him pale. =.="..

Next, is the sexy and hot Sookie Stackhouse. I kind of like this actress.
I can categorize her as the strong and independent type of actress which is something I like compared to those whiny whiny weak actresses.
She is the leading actress who loves the vampire, Bill Compton (as expected).
Plus, she also has this power which can mind read people.

And there is this not-so-main vampire which makes me love him more than Bill(when he's being nice) which is Eric!!! *triple drools*
He's this Sheriff in charge of the vampire side of the world.
He's damn cool, albeit a little bit evil and bloodthirsty as compared to the nice Bill.
But, omigosh.. His body and looks is so drool-worthy.

Bill Compton by Stephen Moyer

Sookie Stackhouse by Anna Paquin

Jason Stackhouse by Ryan Kwanten
The trouble-maker which is so damn different from his sis(Sookie)

Eric by Alexander SkarsgÄrd
*Triple droolable*

Tara Thornton by Rutina Wesley
The most foul-mouthed woman is this series.

Lafayette Reynolds by Nelsan Ellis

The gay guy who lightens everything up. Hahx

Sam Merlotte by Sam Trammel
In love with Sookie. Be amazed by him at the end. ;)

Anyway, about this series, it's about human and vampires living together in this world.
Vampires even have their own pub - Fangtasia.. Yeah.. I gave that (=.=") face too. LOL!
However, vampires are not allowed to drink human blood to survive.
Instead, synthetic blood are processed by the Japanese technology in order for the vampires to sustain their lives.
But, another question arises, are humans more scarier than vampires?
WHY? Humans are also hunting for vampire blood because it can increase their sexual desire(something like viagra or tongkat ali).
Plus, vampire blood is fetching high prices in the market.
As the series develops, more creatures and cases arises.
And you would be questioning the humanity of us humans.
Who are we to judge others?
The thing about this series is that it is not really action-packed.
It's more to the romance side.
PLUS, watching this series is synonym to holding the remote control all the time as I don't know when another 18SX scene will pop out and I would have to Fast Forward all of it.
Yeap, this series is filled with them. I can only remember the 2 episodes which doesn't have any sexual stuffs are the last 2 episodes.
But, overlooking these, this series is quite a nice series. As I've said before, I'm looking forward to the Season 2!!! Eagerly waiting!!!
If I were to rate this series: 8/10

Me & You

Our meeting was totally unexpected.
Not to mention that I've never expected that I would meet someone as perfect as you.
I still remember the first time I see you.
To me, you were like a Teddy Bear(and still are) coz you're really TALL & BIG!
Haha.. Not the best compliment and yet, you gave me the safe feeling coz that day, the sun was at its peak. It was blazing and so darn bright I thought my eyes would pop out.
But you shielded me from the sun when you arrived.
I was like: "Omigosh.. Teddy Tree!!!". Wakakaka...
That time, we were just passing acquaintances where we just said "HI!" and we were introduced where you were introduced as his most beloved senior.
I've heard so much about you from him and finally meeting you, I understand why he likes you so much.

As time passes by, we get to know each other better and had so MUCH to chat on MSN.
Usually, we would chat till late at night or better yet, till early morning (2~3a.m.).
Slowly, we meet up and hang out and that's where Lynn came into our picture. Hee~~~
Then, it's always been us 3~~~ The Trio! Haha..
You also care for your junior so SO MUCH and tried to help him which made me hate you at that point of time where I felt like going straight to your house and bash you up. XD!
After all, we stay in the same area and it's only 5 minutes journey.
You kept on convincing me until I can't take it and said:
"If he's such a nice guy and you love him so much, why don't you just get together with him and be his boyfriend?"
I could almost see that (=.=") expression on your face in my mind's eye.
After that, you didn't want to flare my temper anymore and we went back to talk about random stuffs like Pokemon and gossips. Haha..
You see, to me, you are like this adult that really loves Pokemon which struck me as funny. XD..
We would talk about almost anything.
And I would tell you about my crush which didn't end happily. Hahx...
That time, you were nothing more than my big bro that is always there for me whenever I needed someone to talk to when others were too busy for me.
I would always look forward to chatting with you whenever I log into my MSN account and I would always find for your name in my contact list.
Plus, I couldn't harbour any feelings for you as you were in a really sweet relationship.
I'm not really qualified as someone who can break couples up. haha..

Then, February 2006 arrived and that's when you break the heart-wrenching news to me.
The first thing I could think of was: "God.. He must be damn sad"
Because I know that you love her a lot at that time.
Then, I tried cheering you up and told you not to be too sad.
There are lines where I learnt from those drama I watched to convince you that with your qualifications, you will surely find some other gal.
Haha.. I'm not really that good of a comforter. XD...
After that, I don't know since when I started having feelings for you.
But I do know that the feeling got stronger as time passes me by.
I just shrugged it of as a normal feeling one would have for their big brother.
Besides, you've always been.. well.. just there. So, I didn't give it much thought.

A few months went on...
I guess you healed a little bit...
Then, I was dense enough to story you about cute guys, hot guys, guys I've met, etc...
When you tell me that you have feelings for this another girl, I was happy for you.
But, somewhere inside me, I was jealous and I didn't know why.
I guess I was afraid that you will spend more time with her and soon abandon me.
You were unwilling to tell me who that girl is and just told me that the girl would not like someone like you.
I just thought that what you think is stupid... coz to me, who wouldn't like you?
If someone was to say lines like "I like him, but I'm sure he won't like a girl like me", it would surely be me.
At one point, I was relieved, but I was oh-so-dumb and kept on giving you courage to court her.
To me, it was the right thing to do.
But, I kept on pestering you into telling who the gal is because I was curious and I wanted to know which girl managed to catch your heart.
You were such an ass at that time coz you refused to tell me no matter how I pester you everytime we chat.
You were also an ass coz you were so jobless and pretended to be another person and made me believe it. I was so damn stupid I sticked up and argued with "him" whenever he told bad things about you. Grrr...
You told me it's your way of seeing whether am I a good friend.
If you were in front of me, I'll surely bash you up.

Soon, June 2006 arrived.
I remember I was chatting with you about this guy whom I met and liked me.
One in a million of the guys who would fall for me. I admit I'm not a popular girl. I'm the type of girl that will go unnoticed if I don't open my mouth and make a sound.
Then, I was jokingly asking for your opinion whether I should accept him although I've already made up my mind that I won't.
Before I knew it, I was pestering you again to tell me the gal you falled for.
And this time, you finally gave in and told me.
The instant I saw what you typed: "It's actually you la"...
I was dumbfounded and stunned and a small smile formed on my lips.
For a while, I thought you typed to the wrong person or typed wrongly.
And for a while, I didn't reply and just stared at the screen trying to process the written words as if it isn't English.
Until you typed: "Are you there?"
Then, you started making up stories such as it wasn't you who typed it.
And you were just joking which was really REALLY funny.. Haha...
Then, I asked for a little time to think about it.
From your reply, I can sense your dissapointment and lack of confidence which is really rare because you are a guy FILLED with confidence.
It took me 3 weeks to reply positively because there is really LOADS of stuffs for me to consider.
The most important one is me losing this friend which happened but is all okay now.
I guess humans mature.
Haha.. I still remember the reply you gave when I say that you can always call it quits when you find out you don't really like me after all.
You said: "You think I'm buying sayur in pasar ar?"

Those recollections of my past is really sweet and I'm afraid as I get older, I would forget it.
So, I just thought of immortalizing it here.
Honestly, I didn't think that our relationship would last long coz I don't have self-confidence with myself.
I don't know what you saw in me.
I'm not petite as other gals are. I'm the tall, lanky and super thin without front and back type. LOL!
And I'm not smart.
Plus, I'm naive!
And because of some dark things that has happened to me, I couldn't accept myself at some point in time.
Occassionally, I would think back and can't help feeling disgusted.
But, I didn't want to give up without trying and I really didn't want to lose you especially when the opportunity presented itself.
And see how long we've been together.
Like you said: It's not easy to build a 3 years relationship together and it makes me proud too.
Admittedly, you're not the perfect boyfriend. Haha...
If I were to ask you to choose between me and studies.. Let's just say I kind of knew the answer. Hee..
But, you're a really great man and partner.
To me, you're the best man a gal could find.
You became the role model in my life where no other guys could match up to you.
In other words, you were incomparable.
Sometimes, I'm really afraid of losing you as I'm pretty darn sure that it would be hard for me to accept another guy.
That's how great of an influence you've exerted on me... I guess no one could measure up.
Although at the first stage of our relationship, I never really trust you and were afraid of you.
And you were always the one to make things work.
You think I would complain about you now???

You were willing to hit the arcades with me.
I love the moments when we just hold hands and walk from Pavilion to Sungai Wang then back to Pavilion coz your car is parked there for God-Knows-Why.
I love the moments when you were simply there right beside me.
I love the moments when something special came up and we would exchange presents.
I love the moments where you would purposely ask me to do things I wouldn't refuse in front of your parents just to tease me.

Undeniably, both of us changed a lot since 3 years ago.
I don't find for you whenever I log into my MSN account anymore.
You weren't always just there anymore like last time, but I know I could always count on you to be there for me when I need you.
We don't chat as much as last time, but whenever we do talk on the phone, it always overwhelms me when I hear your voice.
You showed me that I could also be loved like those girls I'm jealous of coz they seem so happy with their partners which I soon found out that their "love" are fakes.
You never blame me for anything that happened, but slowly taught me to make it right.
You taught me how to face the problem that presents itself and not hide from it like I always do.
You gave confidence to me to do what I want to do.
You believed in me eventhough I don't believe in myself.
You love me and taught me to do the same.
You care for me.
You support me when I'm about to fall.
You never let go even when I felt like letting go.
You were willing to give me so much time.
You were willing to wait.
You accepted me when I had a tough time doing it.
Most importantly, you are always patient with me and never gave up on me.

I admit that I'm not a fantastic girlfriend.
Most of my guy friends take me as a guy coz I lack so many girly attributes.
I don't do PDA(Public Display of Affection).
I won't wilt and die if I don't see you for a day.
I hate crying because that just shows that I'm weak. I would only do it where noone sees and if I really can't take it anymore.
If I don't like a person, I won't strike a conversation even if he/she is of good use to me.
I would definitely hit the arcades if there's a guy who is experienced is with me.
I don't really like shopping unless if I saw a beautiful one that suits me.
75% of my wardrobe's clothes consists of clothes my mum bought for me without my presence.
You could count the number of shoe I own with 3 fingers.
When I go out, I borrow one of my mum's nicer clothes that suits me.
I prefer gaming compared to "who's paris hilton's latest guy?".
Whenever I talk, mostly is about gaming especially if a guy is around.
Ask me the most popular colour of the season and I'll give you a blank look unless if my mum told me about it before.
I don't know how to kiss. LOL! Time to learn la kan?

I know you'll get so damn absorbed in your studies that I hate you for it sometimes.
But, a man's gotta do what he's gotta do right?
Obviously, I'll complain especially to Lynn & Chee Kien and some other random person, but I guess I never really blame you for it.
Everyone has his own priorities, and I know what's yours.
I still love you for it and wouldn't make me love you any less.
I'll always be here supporting you.
And you can always find me when you just want to find a place to hide from the whole world.
No matter what, I'll always be here where you need me the most.
You need not feel guilty as I've never blamed you.
Loving you more and more each passing second...
Also, I've never stopped loving you...

*I've always believed that if I stare long enough into the horizon, you'll be there for me. My faith in you never waver

Welcoming CK back from Pahang~

The one who left me to rot here by myself - Jason Yap Chee Kien - finally came back from Pahang for a week.
That's because of the H1N1 outbreak at his place.
And I'm wondering why is it that my Uni is still open. Zzzz...
And I kept calling him Kampung Boy (no offense to Pahang pepz).
So, we decided to have a day out.
It started with him coming to fetch me from my Uni.
Then, we went to Cannes Tea restaurant in Setapak for lunch (his treat.. Nice ain't he? BLEK!!!).
Then, we decided to call Lynn up since we both know that Lynn's gonna start bashing both of us for leaving her out.
The arrangement is that we were to go to Ampang Point to meet up with her AND Simon at around 2.30~3.00.
But, darling was late and so, didn't get to go to Ampang Point and thus, didn't get to see Simon, my "ass-kicking" partner.
ZZzzzz... There's always a late-comer in every occassion.

But, all is fine since everyone is free and we decided to meet up in MidValley.
Which is where Lynn & I had to listen to both the guys (Chee Kien and darl) arguing and teasing each other.
And not suprising to any of us.. got really excited when they saw a so-called "Pokedex". =.="..
Yep.. That's my boyfriend and my always-reliable friend.
You should've been there too see the look on their faces when they saw that "Pokedex" and started guessing at all the Pokemon's name.
It's been so long since I've seen both these pepz that I felt that they've changed and yet they didn't. Lol...
Sadly, we have to leave early since darl needs to leave early coz he had some other arrangements.
And Lynn can't join us for Round 2 in Setapak. :(...

Where Round 2 is a yumcha session in Setapak which took place in Station 1(where I immediately remembered Ken Elephant and his Longan Milk.. XD. Been so long since this "zi mui" of mine teased me) at 0000 a.k.a midnight 12.00 a.m.
Haha... That's coz darl wants to see Gabriel, my childhood friend, so desperately.
Gab is another one who went to UPM in Serdang.
So, there's where Darl, Chee Kien and Gab starts teasing each other and starts gay-ing around. Haha..
Where Gab became the center of the whole teasing thing.
Where Gab revealed that he's in another relationship(Congrats yo~!).
Where Darl and Chee Kien guesses whether his partner is a guy or a girl (Gab is straight but they just like to tease him).
" Darl & CK : So tell la... Is it a guy or a girl?
Gab & Me : (=.=") "

Where WE asked why does Gab like her.
[Serious Answer]
" Gab : Coz she's nice and kind. "

[Joking Answer]
" Darl : How can you do this to me? I've known you for so long.. Almost 4 years and yet you choose him instead of me. *So-called hurt expression*

Gab : How can I not??? He became a transexual because of me. I'm so touched "
Where Darl & CK is unsure of a person's gender.
" Darl & CK : So, your partner.. Is she.. Oops, I mean he.. Eh no.. she... Or is it he..? Wakakaka
Me & Gab : (=.=") "
Where Darl decided to make Gab's girlfriend as Darl's brother just because their name sounds almost alike.
" Darl : You better take good care of my brother. He turned into a girl just because of you. We'll be brother-in-laws soon. "
Where Chee Kien never stops talking because he doesn't really get the chance to talk much in Pahang.
Where WE realise that it's been so many years we've been together when we walk down memory lane.
Where WE realise that time flies by so fast when 2.00 a.m arrives and we had to leave.
Where I realise that I'm gonna miss Chee Kien when he leaves soon.
Where I'm already looking forward to the next time I meet him.
Yep.. Chee Kien has been my adviser in my love issues.
He's more pro than me. That's cause I lack so many girly attributes.. Haha..
He's also such a good matchmaker although I don't know why till now also he's still single.
He says that he wants freedom.
And his type of girl is a girl who is tough and yet know hows to "manja" when it's the time to.
You take care over there bro!!! Will miss you here and do come back often..

*will upload d outing pics when CK uploads it. XP*

P/S: All these 3 pepz are straight. It's just their idea of teasing each other. No offense intended.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Come Back To Me - Utada Hikaru -

Come Back To Me - Utada Hikaru -

The rain falls on my windows
And the coldness runs through my soul
When the rain falls, oh the rain falls
I don't want to be alone

I wish that I could Photoshop on
Our bad memories
Because the flashbacks, oh the flashbacks
Won't leave me alone

If you come back to me
I'll be all that you need
Baby, come back to me
Let me make up for what happened in the past

(Come back)
Baby come back to me
(Come back)
I'll be everything you need
(Come back)
Baby come back to me
(Come back)
Boy, you're one in a million
(Come back)
Baby come back to me
(Come back)
I'll be everything you need
(Come back)
Baby come back to me
(Come back)
You're one in the million,
One in the million

On the bayside of Manhattan
She goes shopping for new clothes
And she buys this
And she buys that
Just leave her alone

I wish that he would listen to her
Side of the story
It isn't that bad
It isn't that bad
And she's wiser for it now

I admit I cheated
Don't know why I did it
But I do regret it
Nothing I can do or say can change the past

(Come back)
Baby come back to me
(Come back)
I'll be everything you need
(Come back)
Baby come back to me
(Come back)
Boy, you're one in a million
(Come back)
Baby come back to me
(Come back)
I'll be everything you need
(Come back)
Baby come back to me
(Come back)
You're one in a million
One in a million

Everything I ever did
Heaven knows I'm sorry but
I was too young to see
You were always there for me
And my curiosity got the better half of me
Baby take it easy on me

Anything from A to Z
Tell me what you want to be
I open my heart to be
You are more priority
Can't you see you punished me
More than enough already
Baby take it easy on me

(Baby, take it easy on me)

Baby come back to me
Baby come back to me

(Come back)
Baby come back to me
(Come back)
I'll be everything you need
(Come back)
Baby come back to me
Come back
Boy, you're one in a million
(Come back)
Baby come back to me
(Come back)
I'll be everything you need
(Come back)
Baby come back to me
(Come back)
You're one in a million
One in a million

(Come back)
Baby come back to me
(Come back)
I'll be everything you need
(Come back)
Baby come back to me
(Come back)
Boy, you're one in a million
One in a million
(Come back)
Baby come back to me
(Come back)
I'll be everything you need
(Come back)
Baby come back to me
(Come back)
Boy, you're one in a million
One in a million


Hee.. Spamming this song all thanks to Lynnett & Simon. Jian Fung is on the receiving end. All thanks to his iPod. XD.

A part of Me

Hee.. Love this woman.
So much of my memories comprise of both of us.
Unlike other people, I don't really remember the first time I met you 7 years back...
(Yah.. that's how long we've been such besties.)
We just fall into the puzzle gradually.
And since then.. You're always there...
Helping me up when I fall down.
Cheering me up on rainy days.
Always the one to be counted on when I have noone else to turn to.
Although Form 4 and 5, there was this 6-feet-under valley between the both of us...
Thanks for all those Restaurant City, songs we shared, food you treated most of the time.
Those sad moments where we laughed and cried.
Of course there are moments when we fought.
Especially the uber big fight where it almost broke both of us up.
I'll always remember it so that I won't be so foolish anymore.
Thanks for always bugging me because God knows I'll collapse without it.
I hope you're having fun whenever we're together (not in a lesbo-ic way. XD)
But God knows how I'm blessed to have such a "siao poh" like you in my life.
I admit my 24 hours a day are limited and there's only so much time I can free especially for you.
But, we always ended up having one whole day for each other.
Haha... Even when I complain of not having enough time to sleep.
So basically(your most hated line)..
And of course, love your butter princess too.
Do treasure him yar..
It's so much more fun with his presense...
Haha... This post is really random.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Losing it...

Your image starts to show up everywhere
In the people I know
And even in the people I don't know..
In places we frequented
And also in actions that you've done before...
Am I losing it???
Your image distracts me..
Ties me up
Suffocates me
I finally have the courage to look down
And realise...
I'll be six feet under
If I ever let the image free...
The closeness that you gave me once
Made me selfish and yearn for more...
The feeling of being special to someone
Made me careless and fell right into the pit...
The pit that I don't want to get out
Hoping against hope...

Your back...

I'm starting to love looking at your back
Your broad shoulder and tall frame
Makes me feel comfortable and warm inside
Remembering happy moments
No matter how moody I am at that time...
I can only afford looking at your back for a long time
As I can only steal little glances at your front...

Working moments

I've been working for the month of July in Capsquare.
Honestly, I've never heard about this place before.
And it was my first time stepping into this shopping complex during my first day of work.
This place is damn quiet and you can only see a few people scattered aroung this place.
That's the ground floor where I'm working.
1st, 2nd and 3rd floor is almost dead. Most of the boutiques are closed.
If not for the Times Warehouse Sale last 2 weeks, 2nd floor would be dead too.
3rd floor is where the TGV is.
Another thing about this shopping complex is that there's no directory and those pepz working at the Concierge is always MIA.
Which makes me part-time walking directory where people would ask me where's this this restaurant.

Oh.. Which reminds me that the only happening thing in this complex is the fine-dining restaurants and the only supermarket - OLIVES.
Let me list down some of the restaurants:

  • Four Seasons - famous for its Duck -

  • Tappers - nice mutton curry -

  • Secret Recipe

  • Modesto's

  • Thai Restaurant

  • Baba Low's

  • Coffee Bean

  • Starbucks - Lynn's all-time fav -

I guess there are more restaurants but these are the places that I'm asked often.
And there's a few other pubs.
Anyway, as I've said before, this place is really quiet and is a business for office hours.
Otherwise, I just need to stand there and stay pretty. LOL!
Luckily, there's an eye-candy over there so that I'm not that bored.
And crazy bosses to make my life colourful:
Alex, Quek, Richmond, Kevin and Ryan.
Not forgetting Auntie Chan who taught me loadsa stuffs.
Some of the memorable things that happened ON MY FIRST DAY OF MY WORK:

ME : Hi Sir. Try this out.
HIM : Is this free?
ME : Yah, of course.
HIM : If it's free, then give me try lar. If not free then I don't want la. You get my point la har???
ME : *WTF???* Er.. OK... *passed him the juice* It's no sugar added. *smiles*
HIM : How you know no sugar added?
ME : It's written there on the box *shows him the box* (If don't believe then don't buy larrrr)
HIM : If it writes there then you believe lar? What if it's not true?
ME : Er.. I don't think the company will want to jeopardize it's good name by simply writing these stuffs??? People can sue one if they know the company is cheating(i immediately regretted this last line)....
HIM : OKlar, if you are a consumer and you realised that this company is cheating. Would you go and sue him?
ME : Maybe...
HIM : There.. you say maybe.. What la...
HIM : You got so much money or not?

ME : I got lawyer friend. I can ask one mar.. Then she can give me discount.. (I'm starting to make no sense at this point)
HIM : Eleh.. your friend got so good or not? If your friend went and kill someone. Would you shoulder the blame?
ME : (I don't wanna lose and I don't know why he's even relating all these) YES!!! *FUCK YOU*
HIM : BULLSHIT! (I think he don't have ANY friends) Malaysians are really hypocrites I tell you. (I've known that fact la please)

And the rest of the conversation involved with his experience of meeting racist people (which made me hate Jian Fung at this second coz he's a racist) and saying me pathetic coz I don't know Chinese(as if I purposely don't want to know chinese. Honetly, I'm really sensitive with the face that I don't know Chinese which made me cry one I ran into the toilet). DAMN HIM SCREW HIM FUCK HIM!
Definitely, this post is really filled with foul languages. Sorry pepz. If you were in my shoes, you would understand.
Another thing that happened is where I won because after the incident with the old man, I kind of lost any fiery passion to make sales.
After I convinced this person to buy my juice, he suddenly decided against it because he never tasted the free sample and he said arrogantly "I don't want to buy stuffs that I've never tasted before". His sidekick added "I give you 10 seconds to reconsider giving us to taste the sample". WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! You think you're what?
And I replied evenly "There's no sample. Thanks sir."
And they walked away which later came back to buy it.
I was so satisfied and I smirked at them when I passed them the juices. Hehx... Arrogant asses.
Anyway, tomorrow will be the last day of my work.
And ask Simon if you wanna know more about my job description. He knows VERY WELL. LOL!
"Hi sir, try this juice" *squeal*

Rapid Killer

Rapid KL is Rapid Killer(translated by me) which will be the death of me soon.
Honestly, I have so many complains about this bloody bus which will, unfortunately, be my transport for the next 3 years if I still don't get my own car.
Firstly, this particular bus that I'm taking comes only once per hour or once per 45 minutes. I don't know why so little while other numbers (such as U20) comes more than necessary per hour.
Secondly, if it doesn't follow their bus routine, I would have to wait and rot for 2 hours under the scorching heat. I've tried before waiting for 2 hours (6pm ~ 8pm), and at last forced to take another Metro Bus.
Thirdly(reason why it'll be the death of me. I admit it was partly my fault), the bus driver won't make sure that all the passengers get down safe before taking off. Last week, I wanted to get down from the bus and the bus started moving!!! At last, i jumped off and touchdown-ed with my ars. >.<".. My butt was scratched. Luckily, no other bruises were detected. Hehx.. Actually, it's kinda funny how I fell. LOL! But, it's really irresponsible of the bus driver. Hmph... Anyway, I think the percentage of myself being the death of me is so much higher. Hahax!!!

My Uni condition

University life is taking it's toll on me.
So lifeless and vexing.
My only aim is topass the exams get at least a B in the exams.
And end everything.
I'm really looking into a very dark future.
There is only nothingness...