Sunday, October 25, 2009

Freedom Beach Concert '09


Akon's concert is the second concert I've attended - the first was Guang Liang's concert!!! Also thanks to Chivas. And big huggies to Brandon Chinese for the tickets!!! It was at the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach.


Oh.. about the concert. It was all good. Simon was the most excited one because among us - Lynnett, Simon and Me - he is the biggest fan. LOL. Wesha (Brandon's "friend") was there too. And Brandon was busy switching between VIP and Chivalry Zone. Hahx...
Among the songs I recognize sung by Akon was Dangerous, Beautiful, Right Now, Don't Matter, I Wanna Love You, Smack That... That's all I remembered. LOL! There were other songs of course.
Akon also get off the stage to get carried by his fans! Luckily we weren't in front of the line.. I can imagine Lynn's face if the water splashed on her. LOL!
And we bumped into Jack and Dan. Hahx
We also hit the club (Euphoria by MOS) for the after-party.

It's my first time stepping into a club!!! Haha... Pardon my "sakai"-ness
But it wasn't much of an experience.
Because I didn't get to drink anything... *sobs*
And we didn't dance also.
So, I didn't get much of the Club feeling. *sighs*
Anyway, I'll make sure the next time I hit any clubs, I'll make it a more memorable one. Ehehe~~~
We left early - Around 12 midnight?
And went for tea in Wong Kok.
And Dan came in and sapu all the food. Haha.. He's REALLY hungry.
As usual, concerts don't allow camera or recorders. But of course, camera comes in real handy here. XD...
Will try to upload more pictures about his concert.
All in all, it was an enjoyable concert!

My Honey Bee turning 19~~~

27th September 2009

Yeappy yeap! Lynnett my honey bee officially turned 19 on this auspicious date. XD...
We celebrated it in Winter Warmers, The Curve on the 25th September 2009.
Li Vern, Venn Kay, Chee Kien, Sue Anne, my Darling and Simon came!!!
Heee... Been so long since I've seen Li Vern and Venn Kay.
And always called Vern as Venn and vice-versa. And they, of course, shooted me. LOL!!!
Will remind myself about this...
Me and Chee Kien went to Times Square to get Lynn's birthday present on the day itself.
Everything was really rushed as I was having exams during that period. *sighs*
Oh well.. Luckily it all turned out well.

I'm the rubber duckie and she's the honey bee!!!

Love you loads woman.

I hope your year will be smooth.

And don't worry, I'm catching up with u.

Give me another 2 months. Teehee!!!

May your wishes come true.

Take care!!!

Our friendship is one of the things I cherish manyak-manyak!!! XD


Your Yellow Balloon!!!

*pictures will b posted ASAP!!! FAST LA CHEE KIEN!!!*

Monday, October 05, 2009

HAPPY 21st DARL!!!

12th SEPTEMBER 2009
This is the big day where Darling turned 21~~~Yeap! It's the big 21 everyone goes through once in a lifetime!!! And thus, it's only normal to make it a B.I.G one!!!
Oh by the way. The real thing is supposed to be on the 16th. But, it's a weekday. So... Saturday it shall be!!! XD

The Agenda where so much sweat n blood is put into it. ==... That's what happens when a perfectionist is at work!!! XD

The birthday boy man and his mum!!! So handsome right??? XD

And not forgetting to show off his talents - his singing - along with his guitarist friend who also got to sing a Malay song.
Oh, before that.. He was presenting a slideshow of his life. Which is interesting. His baby pictures.. And his transformation. XD... Which is really vain!!!
His mum's speech which is memorable.. "I know I'm supposed to give a key to him for his 21st.. But, it's not a key to his freedom"

That's the blueberry cake!!! Uber big and creamy. Looks nice~~~ =D. And it's shaped like a key too!!!

The eating competition where me and Jacqueline has to compete with guys. For God's Sake!!! If I win, I'll really do a war dance. And smack the guys for losing to a girl in eating. Hahax!!!

Whee~~~ It's us!!! Lynn, Me and Sue Anne!

o.O.. Haha.. Gabriel and Chee Kien!

Not forgetting Simon & Brandon. They're doing hard-gay for the whole night. ==

Brandon & Lynn who managed to get first place for the eating competition. Gratz~~~ 2 pendrives!!!
There's also the Charade competition.
Pole-dancing competition(funny version). o.O..
Sadly didn't get any picture of it.
But trust me, it's really hillarious. XD
Credits to: Brandon Chinese for these pictures.

Haha... That's what you'd call a birthday boy. Not official without him looking like this!!!
So, my wishes comes here:
Happy 21st Birthday dear. I guess 21 is a turning point in everyone's lives? And I think it'll affect in a way or the other. Haha.. I hope you've had a memorable 21st Birthday Party and may your coming years be a good one. Hee~~~ No matter what, I'll be supporting you.
Loving you as always,

Vannessa Hudgens - Papercut

Vannessa Hudgens - Papercut
It’s not a feeling like when you touch a flame
No, it’s not like when someone calls you a bad name
It’s not like the hurt when you slip and fall down
No, it’s not like anyof these, what I’ve found is

Your love hurts like a paper cut, so sweet
never even feel the slice; you’re so deep
It seems so hard as, but only at first
Cause like a paper cut the pain grows worse.

Oh, oh

It’s not so much in the words that you don’t say
It’s when you act in the distant, cold way
It’s more in your eyes how you look at me
Like you no longer care for what I see

Your love hurts like a paper cut, so sweet
never even feel the slice; you’re so deep
It seems so hard as, but only at first
Cause like a paper cut the pain grows worse.

You had to go and show me just how good, your love could be
Then you threw it all away
Now I can’t help but feel a brand new pain
So I’m asking baby, please stay.

Your love hurts like a paper cut, so sweet
never even feel the slice; you’re so deep
It seems so hard as, but only at first
Cause like a paper cut the pain grows worse.

Oh, oh
Oh, oh
The pain grows worse
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
The pain grows worse
Oh, oh
The pains grows worse

*Thanks BP for sending me the song. Loving it!!!*

Gender.. A problem..?

"Nowadays, I believe love is just love. There is no need to taint it with questions of whose body is loving whose body. Or whose identity is loving whose identity. And you can say as much about one's race, nationality, or religion."
--- The Star, StarMag, Sunday 4 October 2009 --- by James.

*does it matter whose hand is whose?*

Hari Raya..?

Another 1 month of abandoning my blog.
And I'm suprised that there are people asking me to update my blog.
Touché.. *wipes tears*.. Haha...

So anyway, it's already October.
September was a month of birthdays.
Will blog about those soon.. hopefully.. XD..

Oh.. I have this really cute experience during Hari Raya.
I experience the "One Malaysia" spirit and also an early Halloween~~~
You see, fire crackers have always been the trademark of Chinese New Year.
And now, it's being used for every single biggy occassion.
It's so darn irritating when it "pippoppippop" every single day for almost 5 days. ><...
Oh.. And have I mentioned before???
That during Chinese New Years, suprisingly, it's not the Chinese who plays with the fire crackers? Hehx... Really One Malaysia~~~~

And there's also early Halloween where kids will come to my house and ask for "duit raya" (Raya money).
The first day, when we heard kids, my grandma went out to see who was it.
When my grandma didn't want to give, one of the kids scolded "sohai" (a top level Cantonese foul word) and ran off.
It's amazing how kids catch up with languages these days. XP...
Oh.. And the fun part is when my mum went out and hunt for the kids and whacked one of their asses.
Anyway, my mum really rock at times.
I inspire to be as daring as her.
She even disturbed my dad's Japanese boss just to test his English proficiency because he said my dad's English is no good.
LOL... Yeap.. That's my mum. =X
Haha.. My first post after so long is so full of sarcasm. Haha...
Oh, holidays is here~~~
Rotting at home and I'm not complaining!!!

*Angpows and firecrackers.. Then it's "lou sang".. I wonder what's next..?