Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Helping Hand

A day after my birthday, which is the 15th December 2007, I went to HELP college's open day. As usual, all the colleges has an open day every end of the year to guide those awaiting for their SPM or STPM results. And one of the blur SPM candidates is me. Thanks to my hunny who introduced me to go there. He's a HELP-ian himself. So, he took me there at 9 in the morning. The open day only starts at around 10.30 a.m. but since I've no transportation and he has to go early as he's on duty, I have no other choice but to follow him. HELP college main building was really beautiful but i got to know that there's another building that holds the lectures and classes. My hunny had to be pass out flyers and introduce A-levels to those people interested. So, he has no time to show me around. Im glad that Bavani decided to come along. If she don't, I'll be so awkward there. At around 10.30 a.m., we were already at the other building to hear a few talk regarding the subjects offered at A-levels. Each subject lasts for about half an hour. I went for 5 subjects which are Further Maths, Maths, Chemistry, Economics and Physics. It was quite educational and I got to know a lot more about the A-levels offered in HELP and what's the difference between the 2 different A-level systems offered in different colleges. The lecturers are really friendly while some selected ones are a little bit 'bannga diri' case. Haha... But, they're really nice also. I and Bavani left the KDP building at about 12.30p.m.. When i reach HELP main building and saw my hunny doing his duty, he looks really cute as always but strict and professional at the same time which is the quality in him which I don't get to see often as he's not in his professional mode when he's with me.

Then, there is this Psychology students who took this open day as an opportunity to promote their "Pack The Floor For 24 Hours" which is a Charity Dance Marathon. The venue is Securities Commission Centre, KL at January 12th~13th 2008 from 7p.m. ~ 7p.m.. It's a 24 hours thing. Tickets are priced at RM35. This charity dance marathon is to raise funds for Malaysian AIDS Foundation PPIM Rumah Solehah. There's a lot of activities such as dance, games and also foods. There'll be Urban Co who'll be there to guide people dancing. So, it'll be really fun. I and Bavani was first approached by Leonard who intoduced us to this charity dance marathon. He was really excited and all hyped-up about this charity dance marathon and I think that it's really nice of him to held such an activity to help raise funds for the Malaysian AIDS Foundation. So, I was thinking maybe I could help a little bit by promoting this charity dance marathon by blogging about it. Other then having fun, think about the help that you'll be giving to the Malaysian AIDS Foundation. I hope those who reads this will support. Oh yah, I'm not the organizer yah. Anyone interested can contact Leonard (0126017264) or Boon Ken (0126265328). You guys can be so much of help by joining in this charity dance marathon. Bread cast on water comes back to you. The good deed that you do will come back to you one day. Even if it does not, you've made the world a better place. After all, isn't that what life is all about??? =)... Proverb taken from mum. Hehe...

After I and Bavani had our lunch at a mamak stall, I, her and my hunny decided to leave the place and go home. Not exactly home.. Bavani went home but I and my hunny went to Ikano. After a whole half an hour of waiting in line to buy tickets for the movie tickets, we decided to watch Alvin & The Chipmunks. We went and have our dinner since the movie starts in another 2 hours. Kim Gary's food is always so nice. Haha.. When the movie finally starts, I got so attracted to the chipmunks especially Theodore. WAH!!! HE IS SO DAMN A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!! Kawaii!!! Lolz.. He's short and chubby and really really cute. Although the storyline is quite common, but the cuteness of the chipmunks made me really love the movie. hehe... The whole day was really priceless to me. I really love it when I'm with my hunny. Time always passes by so fast and I'm starting to feel that God is loving me alot for giving him to me but at the same time unfair. Hehe... Ok, before someone starts puking up, i shall stop here. Hehe.. Ciaoz~~~

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Whole New Piece Of Memoir~~~

Okay, I practically deleted my old blog in blogspot. So, that blog can't be reached anymore. I think I'm too stressed with SPM that time. I got so frustrated and just deleted it. After SPM is over, i think I'm starting to regret my actions. T.T... So, after considering a while, i decided to create another new blog. So, here it is. Tadaa~~~ Nice or not? I put quite a lot of effort in editing it.

My birthday was over 3 days ago. It was a very suprising birthday because i didn't expect a lot of things. I was CHEATED!!! But, in a good way. First of all, i have to work from 10a.m. to 6 p.m.. By the time I'm done changing my clothes, I was kind of late for my birthday date with Hunny. Bear in mind that it's supposed to be only me & him celebrating my birthday on that day. So, we left my work building which is Pavilion at around 7p.m. He told me that Bernard said that there was this very nice restaurant near Berjaya Times Square and wanted to bring me there. Being my blur self, i juz followed what he said without any curiosity. Considering the heavy traffic jam, we reached Summer's Cafe at around 7.45p.m~8p.m.. When I entered that cafe, i got my first suprise. There's Bavani, Amanda, Marshie(Brandon), Alvin Kei, Bernard and Chee Kien!!! It was so unexpected!!! I was so touched that they would spare some time and celebrate my birthday with me especially Hunny who went through thick and thin to make my birthday so special for me. I'm honestly thankful, ok? Don't say that I'm faking it. Love you loadssss.. MuaxXx~~~ Then, we ordered our food. Lolz... Thinking about the SzeChuan soup I & Hunny ordered makes me wanna laugh. It's because he don't wanna drink that soup, I have to force him to. And eventually, Bernard, Marshie, Amanda & Bavani also got forced to gulp it down. Marshie was the one who complained the most. The soup was kind of nice actually. Summer's cafe's food is quite nice and it has a nice atmosphere. Definitely considerable as a good dining place. Hehe.. After our main course, Bernard suprised me with a cake. Lolz.. Since his darling Sue Anne can't make it, both of them bought a cake for me. Looks like they won't leave me happily because next, i had to take out the candles of the cake BY MY MOUTH!!! WARGH!!! Worse still, they pressed the candle deeper into the cake leaving me struggling. *sobs*. And my Hunny was one of the evilzzz.. But at last, he still had to take out the last candle with his mouth. Hahaha!!! KARMA!!! His face got smeared with whipped cream & i got away unscathed. Hehe... Then there was a debate on which slice of cake was contaminated. Hahakz... Then, we took some pictures. Unfortunately, Amanda & Bavani had to leave early because their mothers are calling. After that, Marshie went nuts disturbing my Hunny. Lolz.. He was the most talkative there. Haha.. But, having him around is fun. He's like a radio. Haha... He even called a fella buffalo over there. OMG!!! He's fearless. Geez... Bernard, Chee Kien, I, Hunny, Alvin and Marshie stayed at Summer's Cafe till around 10.30 p.m.. We wanted to watch a movie, but unfortunately under some circumstances, our plans had to be cancelled. So, all went back early and I went sight-seeing in my Hunny's car. Lolz.. Then, the next thing i knew, i was back at home already. It's amazing how time always passes so fast when ure enjoying yourself. Especially with someone you love. So, he had to take his leave and I went back to my room feeling light-hearted about what happened the whole day today. Thanks Hun. Despite your hectic LAN exam that day, you still celebrated and arranged so many things on my birthday. Hehe.. Hun, i really love you a lot lot lot lot lot super truper lot. I think i came to realise that only after i read the card u sent to me. Haha... Ok, enough la. I don't want my bloggie to become a confession board. Lolzzz...

Bavani, Amanda, Me & My Hunny, Bernard, Marshie, Chee Kien & Alvin!!! Thanks you guys!!! I relli appreciate and enjoy that day!!!

My Hunny & Me!!! Luv ya. MuaxXx~~~

Well, that all i can say at night for that day. Of course i didn't forget my delightful evening with my 2 best buddies; Vian & Makky!!! They came and visit me during my lunch hour at Pavilion. We went to Food Republic to have out lunch. After walking the whole area and debating on what to eat, we finally decided on the famous Fried Prawn Mee. Vian ate that, I ate Char Kuey Teow, Makky ate Carrot Cake. And we ordered Omelette Oyster as our side dish. Haha.. We look so greedy with 4 plates when there's only 3 people eating. But, who cares? Lolz.. We had loadsa fun talking and after not seeing them for so long, i really miss them a lot. Then, they played a prank by passing me a packet of thing. I thought it was a present. Actually it's just something she wanted to return to me. Cheh!!! After we ate, we went to Chamelon to buy my earrings and Teddy Tales for fun. Haha.. Window shopping. Christmas spirit was already clearly shown in some shops. Haha.. selling Santa hat ands stuffs like that. After walking around, my lunch hour is up and i had to leave them. But they still came after a while to disturb me. Haha.. Thank you guys for coming over and have lunch with me. Love u all, muaxXx~~~ Oh yah, i also got to saw Mike & Angie for that "I wanna be model 2". Very exited!!! Lolz...

Carrot Cake, Fried Prawn Mee, Char Kuey Teow and omelette oyster. Out main course was fantastic bout omelette oyster is not that good.

My blur face

Makky who is famished, looking at the food with that greedy eyes. Lolz...

Pavilion had a relli magnificent Christmas Deco, huh??? Quite out of d ordinary

Here, i wanna thank my Hunny for planning so many things for me and make my day special. Thanks for the present also. =D...Nex, thank you Bernard for the cake and attending my birthday celebration. Also, thanks Marshie for ur prezzie and for coming. Thanks to Alvin for coming from as far as Ampang . =3... Then, thanks Amanda & Bavani for dat gorgeous necklace. Thanks to Makky & Vian also. Im really touched. Then, saving the best for last ar??? Thanks Chee Kien for dat beautiful Quartz watch and sparing some of ur precious lepaking time to celebrate for me. Lynnett mengadaz no need to thank here because she's having fun there in PD lar. That's why. Dump me somemore. Hehehe.. Den also thanks to my darling mengadaz Natasha for accompanying me to Sg. Wang a few days before my b'day to get my boots. It's partly a present from her also. Thanks!!! MuaxXx~~~ Sorry babe coz i didn't get to come to your birthday party. T.T.. Ok, i guess I shall continue in my next post? Adios~~~