Monday, November 02, 2009

Innocent Search Gone Awfully Wrong - Simon

Gosh... It's been 2 weeks since Uni started. Week 3 starts now!!!
Well, with only 4 subjects to tackle and out of it, only 2 has final exams!!!
If you think it's going to be a smooth sailing semester - then I can tell you that you should wake up!!! ARGH!!! That applies to me too.

First, there's the Pengajian Malaysia assignment which is due in Week 5. So far, We've decided what topic to do. But, my research is still not done yet. D.I.E!!! And I've never scored an A during PMR or SPM. Sad I know. And now it's Pengajian Malaysia? God only knows what happens...

Then, there's Sun Tzu assignment which is due in Week5~6. I've done quite some research for 3 days!!! Argh!!! And managed to find quite some useful stuffs. At least I've done half of my part. Oh, and I always find myself getting distracted during Sun Tzu lectures. The subject is interesting, mind you. Maybe I didn't take a liking towards the lecturer.. Urgh... This is one of the subjects without final exams. Wohoo!!!

Academic Writing is okay. I don't have much complain about this subject. Except I would have to broaden my knowledge on world issues to write. *sighs* I've always preferred fiction. *sulks* It's where imagination runs wild..! Maybe I just don't like restrictions. =(

And here comes the "fun" subject: Oral Communications. It's fun because we don't have to study like hell like the other subjects. And so far, we had drama, creative singing and composing, case study and mime - where you can't talk and act out something farnee which reminds me of Pokemon and Mr. Bean. The lecturer is quite a fun guy. And we'll be having assessments and assignments to get 100% - which means no finals also. Hee..~~~

So far, everything seems okay and predictably - RUSHED!!! *Akon - Rush*
I wanna find a way to get out of here~~~ Rush Rush...


And, I'm down with flu and minor cough. Flu always lead me to think of H1N1... Zzzz...
If I'm dead... Please gimme black roses. =x... LOL
Oh.. it's suffering I tell you. Sneezing every possible waking minute... *exaggerates*...
But, I sneezed and coughed to the extent of aching ribs. Must be something, huh?
And my eyes.. GOSH!!! My eyes are already small as it is.. Now it's droopy. Like I'm going to faint anytime. ==... I wonder if it'll worsen to slits. LOL... I'm really reluctant to go to uni. Feeling really weak. But... toughen up!!! HAIT!!!

P.S: Google is such an amazing tool. Ever heard of: innocent search turn awfully wrong? quoted by Simon. Mine did. I thought of typing "History of Toyota Corona". Typing the first 3 alphabets into the search box lead me to a whole new level of OMGWTH-ness. If your google has automated search, you should try. Type in "his" and see what comes out... I was shocked and perplexed to the maximum!!! I didn't know that there'll actually be people googling about this kind off stuffs!!! Like what Beh said - Practically everything under the sun could be googled. I storied this to my bestie and she seemingly can't stop laughing. Sadz... Is it them.. Or is it just me?

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Beloved Rascal Turned 15~~~!

Woot!!! It's my beloved rascal brother turned 15!!! Yeah... I heart him~~~

How fast time flies. I was ransacking the drawer to find something and came across the pictures of him when he was still really small. And I was shocked with the transformation. The really cute boy turned to such a devil!!! Heee...

But whatever happens, he's still my lil' brother.. oops.. Not really little. Dah besar dah.. Haha...



Your Crazy Sis. XOXO