Sunday, May 25, 2008

My day out~~~

It's Friday~~~ Which means another outing with my friends!!! Hahax... Which includes my bestie Lynn & my dear Vicky. Some other friends were also invited, but unfortunately they can't make it due to their own P&C matters.
So, as usual... Left only me, Lynn & Vick. We went to Mid Valley since it's the most accessible place? Then, Vick told us that he had Amarind Heavenly Thai for lunch in MV that day. It's sponsored by the company. Last week was in KL Tower and now, this... @.@.. Such a good company~~~ Exclude the other internal affairs. Haha..
When me and Lynn were walking around the mall before Vick arrived, we bumped into Li Vern, Venn Kay and also Li Huey(did i get her name correct?). When I see dat young gal, I feel old already. *sobs* . Have to admit old? Lol.. Dat's what me and Lynn said to each other that day. Sadly, she'll turn older than me. xD.. After walking around and catching up with the latest news about them, they had to leave. It was nice bumping into them after such a long period of not meeting them.
When Vick arrived, we went on another tour around the mall in hopes of finding a nice restaurant to settle down and have our dinner. After some "chaos", we finally settle in Teppanyaki. I think the cook has a crush on Lynn. She had an extra portion of vegetable. *sobs*. Haha!!! As usual lar, Lynn is always so attractive. (Have mercy on my Lynn.. Dun come and kill me. Lolx).
Then, we went to Isetan in Garden. Isetan having pre-sale + Lynn as Isetan member = 3 of us raiding Isetan. Lolx.. Vick was tempted to buy this shorts. Vick was saying "Everytime come out with Lynn, sure my money fly away". But he has to thank her for having a 50% discount on that shorts. Lol.
After that, we went to Pastri since Lynn was still hungry after all that food. Unfortunately, the Oreo Tiramisu she ordered was sold out. She was complaining for it and Vick was having a headache. Haha... But, she managed to cool down a bit with her chocolate fondue. The strawberries are really nice and not that sour compared to the others. Lynn suggested to have another session of food next week, the "dai chao" session. Haha.. Hope to see them again next week if I have the time since I'm gonna start my university in a few more hours. Hehe.. Really miss them loads. My two important people in my life.
Vick who refuses to take a pic

Lynn busy text-ing and ignored us. *sobs*

Love ya babe~~~

Obssessed with her new found cream-dipped strawberry. Lolx

Presenting~~~ *tadaa* The sexayyyyy Lynnett!!!

Loyal member of Isetan promoting Isetan.

Vick seems so scary...

Lynn & Me again.


Saturday, May 24, 2008


Wow... I've been idle for almost 3 months. Now... THAT is an achievement. Haha... Lynn is so gonna slaughter me. Finally I'm updating my blog after 3 months and after some kecoh-ness from her. Lalala~~~

Loads has happened in the past 3 months ler.. I've stopped my part-time job in the end of March, to begin my incidents with. Then I had this immature argument with one of my senior which is luckily, not under Tangs. If not, i'm so boiled!!! And seriously, it's not me who started the argument. She was the one who went and spread rumours.. And then try to pretend innocent and waste her time by back-stabbing me. Rawrrrr!!! Oh how hate these multiple faced humans. Luckily the other people don't really believe her since my reputation in my workplace is good. But, her actions did tarnish my reputation a bit. Since the argument started a week before my resignation, i decided to ignore her and didn't talk to her. And she's having a really hard time around coz' there's no one to help her with her sales. I think she lost a few customers. MUAHAHAHA!!! I'm so evil.

Then after i quit, I've been idle until now coz' I'm finally gonna start my first semester in my UTAR!!! Whee~~~ I've been sleeping, eating, playing Harvest Moon(=.=""".. i noe it's kind of an old game... hey... it's fun though. lol) and the process goes on and on. I tink my braincells degenerated a lil' bit. Most of my friends went to HELP, Taylors & a few of them went back to Form 6~~~ Oh yah!!! I forgot to tell bout the SPM results. Well, mine is average lar. I managed to scrape through with a few A's. Haha.. Anyway, SPM results are not everything lar. There's much more to that after this. SPM results are to secure a good place & to get scholarships. But, if you don't pay attention to the higher studies, then the scholarship and good U's or colleges also can't help. *Courtesy of Lynn*

I tink I'll update again tmrw perhaps? when i get some of d pics i want. Haha...