Monday, April 27, 2009


Had a sleepover session in Natasha's house last 2 days. BECAUSE MY FRIEND - CHRISSY JUST CAME BACK FROM INDIA. So we decided to have a get together to catch up on each others' life. And I also needed something to divert my mind from it's current state. Without us realising it, we've missed 4 years. And 6 years of friendship. Hee..

I guess everyone changed a lot... Naturally. Must get out of my naïvete assuming that nothing changes. And Chrissy is so innocent. I thought that she would be cheekier and more naughty compared to me.. But it looks like it's the other way around. She is such a good girl. Haha.. And I thought those kind of people faced extinction.

We watched some horror movies. And none of it scared me that badly. Haih... Namely, "Unborn", "Coming Soon" & "Devil in Flesh 2". But, I have to admit that they have an understandable plot. Compared to some other horror movies that will make your mind go blank at the end of the story. Oh yah, we also watched latest "Friday the 13th".. And sadly, it didn't get any better compared to the previous seasons. The theme is kill. And the end leads to another season of Friday the 13th. And it's really gruesome... Hmm.. And I thought I saw the last season of it where Jason became a small boy again peacefully and reincarnated. =/

Anyway, it was kind of nice hanging out with 2 of my pals. Hehe.. Basically, Chrissy just finished her A-levels and is now choosing the path of her future. She thought of business. But decided against it and chose Food Technology instead. She also thought of Medicine but it would require a very very VERY long time for her to build up the career and build her own name in the world. Not to mention her cash flow. Haha.. And now, after listening to Natasha's law career experience, she's interested in it.

Honestly, I've been interested in taking the law career since young. But, after discovering that my memory is not that excellent, I decided to opt for other careers that requires lesser memorising skill. Hehe.. But, the idea of law has always intrigued my interest in it. And having a friend who's in that field is fun. She tells me about whatever happens in UK, US, India and also all the injustice done to the citizens such as putting an innocent behind the bars and waste their 10 years of life is such damned place. To me, being a lawyer is a very noble job. But it can also be a cursed job.

At night, we indulged ourselves in a little drink. Chrissy can't even take Jolly Shandy and I had to finish that up. Natasha got drunk after a small little mug of Carlsberg. Which leaves me finishing up the rest 500 ml. Duh.. Luckily I'm not easily drunk. I remembered to fill my tummy with food. Past experience taught me a lot. >.<... So, I and Chrissy had to control the drunken woman. It's real hard work. Haha.. Somehow, I wished I were drunk the other day so that I can forget all the worries and so many stuffs residing in my tiny brain. It's a torture - saddening myself to bed every night.

Then, we went to bed. It was kind of hard for me to sleep. I keep waking up at the slightest sound. Duh.. I didn't have a good sleep.

Finally, it was time for us to leave the next day. Natasha's mum(Auntie Rose) is really nice. She cooked for us and she felt guilty for not being able to provide us food when we were about to leave. But, she still offered some lamb and chicken to us. And we whacked it nicely. Nyummy~~~! Thanks to both daughter and mother. I'll be sure to come back. Hee..

Anyway, Nat's house is a double storey terrace and I noticed something.. That I wouldn't come to adore big house as much as I did before. Also, I would not come to like sleeping alone in my own room. Because, it's so hard for people to communicate in big houses. Shouts can be heard all over the house whenever anyone need help with something. ==".. And you have to run here and there to get to the destined places. PLUS if ever your phone is not with you... I'll be gone case when I need it. Haha.. Also, it's kind of scary sleeping alone in a big house. I guess I'm starting to dislike loneliness.. I'm so in it nowdays. With noone to talk to when you need someone so desperately. As we age.. Everything drifts away. Even if it's your most treasured. Everyone has their own lives and their time are so occupied. But I also need the loneliness at times. Hee... However, spending a 2 days with 2 of my pals is refreshing. My burden has lifted.. in a way. Hehe... I'll be looking forward to the next meeting. XD.

Oh.. And I'm having my Sem3 exams this week! All the best to all the candidates~~~ And I need equally the same wish. Hahx..

Sometimes, I can't help but to think if the path I'm choosing now is right or wrong. I'm always tempted to just run away from all the responsibilities and choose what I love. But, as stupid as I can get, I can't do it. Guess I will just have to finish up what I have chosen.

*Will my knight in shining armor ever arrive???*

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another of my precious memories..

Memories that I will cherish to death~~~

Saturday, April 18, 2009

100 truths.. Not really 100 actually...

001. Real Name : Christina Lim Phui San

002. Nickname(s) : NaNa(firstly by BaBa & MaMa, secondly by Elephant Ken)
Teng(By Shal and widely used)
L3(Zzz… Don’t remind me)

003. Age : 18+

004. Zodiac Sign : Saggy

005. Male or Female : Female

006. Elementary : Tadika Riang Baru

007.Middle School: SRK Convent Sentul (2)

008. High School : SMK Convent Bukit Nanas009. College School : UTAR

010. Hair colour : Black.. With a hint of dark brown???

011. Long or Short : What long what short? Hair??? Long…

012. Loud or Quiet : In the middle. Depends…

013. Sweats or Jeans : Both..

014. Phone or Camera : Phone with built-in camera. XD

015. Health Freak : Err… Not really.

016. Drink or Smoke : Drink

017. Do you have a crush on someone : Yah. All the handsome actors. Haha..

018. Eat or Drink : Both

019. Piercings : Yeap.

020. Tattoos : Nope

021. Social or Anti-Social: In the middle. Again it depends.

022. First Piercing : In Mid Valley. Forgotten the year. Form 4 if I’m not mistaken.

023. First Relationship : 3 years back

024. First Best Friend : Loshni?

025. First Award : Erm.. Story telling competition in Tadika?

026. First Kiss : …

027. First Pet : Dog... or was it tortoise???

028. First Big Vacation : So far.. Penang. Lol..

029. First Love at first sight: Erh…

030. First Big Birthday : When my family did it for me when I was still young. Currently...

049. Eating : Nothing

050. Drink : Nothing

051. Excitement Level : NIL!!! I’m so damn pissed with my line connection!!! Streamyx, please upgrade!!!

052. I'm about to : KILL STREAMYX

053. Listening to : Some drama dialogue on tv.

054. Plan for today : None.

055. Waiting for : The streamyx line to improve.

056. Energy Level : High

057. Thinking of someone: No

058. Want kids? : Urm…

059. Want to get married?: Urm…

060. Careers in mind? : For my degree… Actuarist. But, being a designer has always been in my mind.

Which is better in the boy/girl you like,

068. Lips or Eyes? : Eyes.

069. Romantic or Funny? : Both

070. Shorter or Taller? : Taller!

071. Protective or Caring? : Both... Not over-protective though. Irritates me.

072. Romantic or Spontaneous? : Both

073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?: Both

074. Sensitive or Loud? : Neither

075. Hook-up or Relationship? : Relationship

076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant? : Neither
(I’m so greedy. LOL… & I’m ignorant about the fact that perfect guys doesn’t exist~~~)

Have you ever,

080. Lost glasses or contacts : No~~~

081. Ran away from home : No… But I guess it would be a good experience. XD

082. Held a gun/knife for self defence: Erm… Nope.

083. Killed somebody : NO!!!

084. Broken someone's heart : Erh… Don’t know. LOL

085. Been arrested : Nope~~~

087. Cried when someone died : Yeap…

Do you believe in,

089. Yourself : Yeah… Low belief level though. XD

090. Miracles : Erm… It’s commercialized091. Love at first sight: Erm… Dramas love this

092. Heaven : Erm… Seen it!!! In dramas. XD

093. Santa Claus : Urh… Again it’s commercialized

094. Tooth Fairy : GOSH!!! Next question PLEASE! These are tough questions.

095. Kiss in the first date: Yeap~


097. Is there someone you would want to be with right now? : Yeah…

098. Are you seriously happy with where you're in life now? : I do wish for better. But, I’m satisfied. ^^

099. Do you believe in God? : Yeah??? *blinks*

100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people: This time… I’m gonna tag…

Sunny (tags me a lot)
Yoke Ha (something for you to do)
Others who are interested in doing this tag.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The bitter and the sweets

Time flies by so fast and now it's already the 6th week of my third sem as well as other fellow UTARians who's in their third sem. Come tomorrow and it's going to be the last week for us to be together before we enter our study week and obviously... Sem 3 finals!

Throughout my one year in UTAR, I've come across many types of people. Namely, the ones whom I like and there are those that I dislike.

There are those people that are willing to go the distance to help out and shoulder their responsibilities well BUT there are those that shrink away from their responsibility and wouldn't even bother lifting one eye at you if it's not their problem. There are those special cases where they wouldn't do anything and wait for things to drop on their laps (eventhough it's concerning very important things to them) and there are those who will push their responsibilities to others to do when actually, they are very free and the task they have won't even take half an hour to finish it up. Then, they would come up to you and tell how tired they are although in reality, the work he/she does is not even half of the assignment while others who is dying for the assignments wouldn't even complain.

Yah, it's common phenomenon when we are assigned to do group assignments. That's why I prefer individual assignments although it's hell of a tougher to do. But, group assignments are very enjoyable when you get good teamwork between your members.

There are also victims who would get blamed for everything in an assignment because that particular person is already branded as "not likable" or for other personal problems. Something like a prejudice. Although that person has tried his best, it's just not enough and he has to go the extra mile.

I would like to thank those who has helped me a lot throughout this year, namely:

  • Ching
  • Shin
  • Sunny
  • Dai Lou
  • Joyce

There are also those who are nice and helped me although I can't be considered as a friend to them - Senior Adrin and Cel.

Oh yah, not to mention the ungrateful person whom I have introduced to the PMP programme and then forgotten me when it is him who didn't approach me although I've time and again mentioned "Do find me when you have any problems". Honestly, just because I'm your mentor, doesn't mean I have to dog at your heels every waking milisecond of my life. I have my own life to live. I guess I'm just a bad mentor. I'll try to avoid being one in the future. The more I know about humans, the more they irk me. That's the kind that the world could do better without.

To others whom I've not mentioned, I love you guys a lot too. You guys added colours to my life~~~ Without you, my life at college wouldn't be as colourful.

Thanks for all those activities you accompanied me to when noone is interested.

Thanks for all those food we have although I've gotten fatter.

Thanks for telling me so many tales about you and keep me amused.

Thanks for being my first friend in UTAR.

Thanks for always bullying me.

Thank you for the memories which I will cherish throughout my life.

THANK YOU and may all of you lead a bright future ahead. ^^.

*When people come and go, you will still remember them because they leave footprints in your heart.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Save The Last Dance For Me~

Saturday was the last dance we had. That's real sad. We only had 6 classes this time!! T.T.. And I don't know that it's the last lesson we're having. OMG!!! I'm really going to miss Miss and Sir. Too bad we can't have dinner with them as they had their own plans. >.<... And sadly enough, we might not be having any more dance classes with them because all our seniors will be real busy soon. As it will be their last year and thus, final projects will occupy their time.

After our classes, it was already 7.30 p.m...? And we went to station 1 for food after aimlessly walking around in Jaya One. Haha.. Again.. Forgotten to have a photo session with them. ARGH!!! Those are Senior Adrin Wong (very gentlemen and very nice), Shannon (fellow Banananian), Terry (quiet guy. >.<..) and Camelia (Got to know her name yesterday only)..

Then, me & Ken had to leave early because don't have a car. And it's already 9!!! But, we had a nice time requesting songs for the band in Station 1, which none got aired by them. *Piff*.. Sadzzzz

As soon as we got into bus, Ken camwhored!!! HAHAHA!!! A rare thing. Because I brought out the camera~~~

And then I took some pictures~~~ Night Lights of KL~~~

Finally at 10.15p.m.~ We reached Central Market. Really quiet and peaceful. First time I've seen such peace in KL. Hehx.. Don't miss out the chance~

Gosh I like the lights!!!! And below is the mosque~~~

And THIS!!! Is obviously not Malaysia. I find it fascinating!!! It's a church in Edinburgh!!
*Save money and go travelling around the world. My dreams~~~ I WILL realise it!!!

Nyonya Food~

Honestly, if I take the same bus back home everyday with Ken, you guys are definitely going to see a different me... namely expanded size. Why??? Because he is never full. And keeps on hunting for food. ><... That day, he was asking, "Where got nice food ar?". And since we tried both the Mamaks outside of Central Market, I brought him into Central Market. After circling around, we went into the Food Court. Which has changed a lot! It is re-decorated and it looks nicer and more comfortable compared to what it used to b... 1 year back I guess? After taking our tour, we finally settle on Nyonya Food~~~

Sotong with Ladies Finger~ (my order)

Sting Ray~ (My order)

The ambassador of eating society. XD

Haha.. They are really nice. And Ken ate until his face went red. And he was also sweating like a pig! WAKAKAKAKA! Because these nyonya foods are really spicy . ><.. But it's really delicious of you can eat spicy foods. Too bad I forgotten to take pictures of the food court. ><..

And I recall one of out conversation the on Friday. It was in Lai Foong.. Lol.. Having another lunch after our classes.

Ken: Nana.. If got chance, try and enter those eating program la next time?
Me: You mean like Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan?
Ken: Yah Yah..
Me: No lor please.. You want to me to become fat like an elephant.. like you ar???
Ken: ==... One week once only mar.. Not everyday also
Me: Oh.. Yah hor.. Somemore free food. People sponsor somemore. Good la.. can save food money for my other expenses.
Ken: ==..
Me: Coming out with you almost everyday also enough already lar.. You establish eating society lar..
Ken: ==
*continue eating and talking about other nonsense* XD

Have to thank Ken a lot for being my activity partner and doing loadsa crazy things with me. Tahan my 38-ness and being equally as 38. Eheh.. And also thanks to you for bringing me out of the darkness with your 38-ness. Our laughter means a lot to me. Good luck with your A***e orh. WAKAKAKAK!!!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The 3 lecturers~

That's right! It's Gabriel, Aaron & Lucas conducting TD15 & TD16 English for Communication class. Hahaha!!! This is so much fun. We had endless laughter that day. Finally, a real full-hearted laugh after a tensed up week. Really really tension week. And each of our professors are accompanied by a dictionary to help them identify unknown words. LOL!!! Real great professors they are. Haha...

And this is Ms. Malar, our supposed lecturer. Decided to view their performance. And that's Dennis, recording their performance.

Gabriel was by far the funniest one. With his favourite quote - "Alright.. I'm going to check up on this word. For the meantime, you guys can go and take a 10 minutes break". Haha..
Students: Sir! I wanna take a break.
Gabriel: Sure. 15 minutes.
Gabriel: What's the meaning of this phrase, students?
Students: Erm.. It's... *finding answer*
Gabriel: Okay. Good answer. Let's go on to the next slide.
He really drove Ms. Malar mad!!
And he even attempted to skip to the exercise slide without teaching us.

Next is Aaron with his pose. I guess he's the most fidgety one. Haha..
His famous quote is:
Aaron: Please call me by my full name.
Ms. Malar: Mr Aaron.. May I know what is the meaning of...
Aaron: No. Call me by my OTHER full name.. Mr. Aaron Timothy.
There's also the situation when Ms. Malar asks him loadsa questions, he would reply:
Aaron: I'm the lecturer. I'm supposed to ask questions and you answer.
HAHAHA!!! It was really an uproar in the class.
And his favourite student seems to be Gabriel, who miraculously answers all the question he poses. Hahax...

And the last lecturer of the day is Lucas~
A lecturer wearing 3 quarter pants!!!

His memorable moments is when Ms. Malar asks him to explain the reference slide. LOL!!! Bizarre. See that Heinle & Heinle???? This is the story of them:

Students: Who's Heinly & Heinly? What's their relationship?
Lucas: ... They're brothers.
There's also:
Students: Why is that author called Longman? How long is he?
Lucas: ... Very long.
Oh.. Oh...! And not forgetting their last question:
Students: How to pronounce the name after Longman? Bee.trees? Beat.Rice?
Lucas: No. It's Be.At.Rice...
Lol.. And Ms. Malar finally came to her senses to end the class.
Haha.. Really a funny day~~~
Just the thing everyone needed to ease the tension of a REAL hectic week!

Shattered Hopes..

It all started like a fairytale.
Beginning of a hope.
Promise of a happy ending.
And promises are kept and realised.
That's how fairytales are.
Happily ever after~
Except, this time is no happily ever after.
No happy ending.
Beginning of a hope... yes..
Crushing of hopes.. yes...
Promise of a happy ending... yes...
But that's where it all stops.
The promise is kept... NO...
The promise is realised... definitely NO...
Well, I guess that's how things work in reality.
Happily ever after are rare.
And once you grab hold of that happily ever after.
Do not ever... ever... EVER let go of it.
Hold on to it like it's your lifeline.
Don't take it for granted.
Because once you let go..
Second chances are close to nil...
This is a real dissapointment to me.
I guess heartbroken is the word.
I've never feel so dissapointed since...
A long long time ago.
Just when you bring me go soaring through the skies...
Playing with the eagles...
Between the clouds...
You dropped me down..
And you're lost forever...
The phrase "The higher you fly. The harder you'll drop"
Has been proven to me time and again...
But maybe I keep hoping in hopes that it'll be realised..
Is it time to stop hoping?
To be void of all emotions?
It's definitely hard to do...
Thanks for giving me false hopes.
I'm sorry for those who are victimised.
I guess it's time to walk forward.
Damn it all.

That's the best to describe my dissapointment now. And no.. I'm not ditched. Lol..

*My summer trip has been cancelled*